Flower Power

It is December. Clearly time to start thinking about winter and Christmas. But, who can do that with all the pretty flowers in bloom. Madison recently said, “It sure doesn’t feel like Christmas is around the corner with this weather.”
Our home in Elk Grove, CA is experiencing overnight lows in the 30’s. Some of our friends in the U.S. are experiencing temperatures with highs in the 20’s. Here in San Jose, Costa Rica it 80 degrees…all day…every day this week.
So to give you an idea of what December in Costa Rica feels like we took some pictures of the flowers that are in bloom. We did not go far and wide for this. These are simply the flowers we pass on our one mile walk to school each day.
No, no, no…we are not trying to rub your cold little nose into our tropical climate…quite the opposite. True, it is beautiful here and we are wearing shorts and are periodically hot. Our point is, you never know what is going to make you homesick. It appears pretty flowers and warm weather in December do the trick.
The three of us prefer heat over cold, and sun over snow. But, when we think about all our friends in their heavy jackets and hats…well…we want them too.
Yes, yes, we know…it wasn’t long ago we were complaining about the constant rain in Costa Rica. When it comes down to it, we think we have discovered that the best climate is the one in which your friends and family reside.
Enjoy the flowers.