Faces Of La Carpio

Mike again attended the ministry that takes places at a neighborhood called La Carpio here in San Jose, Costa Rica. La Carpio is a squatter village of mostly Nicaraguan refugees. It is where the poorest of the poor live in a landfill.
The missionaries that work there provide an opportunity, every Thursday, for students from our school to spend four hours playing with, loving on and sharing Christ with the kids of La Carpio.
Today we played games, played Bible Bingo and read the kids a Bible story. There were about 60 kids there today.

Why would anyone choose to spend time in a shantytown/landfill? Take a look at some of these kids. We want to share the love of Christ with these kids. We want to love them just little. One at a time.

These kids are guilty of nothing. Yet, they live in homes made of scrap metal and they live without adequate food, clothing or medical. We can not fix each life…and we are not trying.
These kids deserve to know that someone loves them enough to hug them, play ball, or laugh with them.
Saturday is the big La Carpio Christmas party. We are hoping to serve upwards of 200 kids.