Festival De La Luz

Festival de la Luz, San Jose, Costa RicaWhat a great Saturday. It was full of fun and lots of Costa Rican culture.
The three of us and Denise, Erin’s friend visiting from the U.S., attended the 11th annual Festival de la Luz (Festival of Lights). It is a big parade in the heart of San Jose, Costa Rica that attracts over one million people each year…that is 1/4th of the population of the entire country. It included 15 floats, 14 bands, and thousands of lights and is one of the most important events of the Christmas season in Costa Rica.
We spent over six hours downtown watching the festival.  At 4pm we got a table at Casa Creole, a restaurant along the parade route. We didn’t leave until 10pm. The food was great and the service was amazingly friendly.
The festival atmosphere was electrifying.  It was a great display of Costa Rican pride and culture.