Saprissa vs. Alajuelense

Soccer fans at the Saprissa gameThis evening the three of us and Denise, Erin’s friend visiting from the U.S., went to watch our first ever Costa Rican professional soccer game. We watched the hometown team, Saprissa, play against Alajuelense. What an amazing event.
Saprissa goalieInternational soccer, and its fans, lived up to the hype. Saprissa is one of two professional clubs teams here in San Jose, Costa Rica. The local fans are very passionate about their team. We watched as 28,000 people shook fences, threw sodas on the field, lit fireworks, sang, waved flags, chanted and shouted a lot of words we have not yet learned in school.
This was an important game. Saprissa tied 1-1, but, due to having more points in the series advanced to the Championship of the Costa Rican Premier League.
We all had a great time and we all look forward to going to another game.