Desert Palms Church

It is exciting to announce that Desert Palms Church of Chandler, AZ has agreed to support our missions efforts in an ongoing capacity.  Desert Palms has already been praying for us and has already shared a onetime gift with us.
We have been fortunate enough to visit Desert Palms on two separate occasions.  We spoke with their Missions Committee once and addressed their congregation at an evening service on a second occasion. Desert Palms was very instrumental in our being able to depart for Costa Rica on time.
This is a very exciting congregation with a great heart for missions. They have embraced the Great Commission and are very supportive of missions.  This vibrant body has had a very exciting past couple of years.  They have recently installed their current Pastor, Kelley Hand. In addition they just moved into their first permanent building.
This congregation has displayed a rare excitement as part of Team Honduras. We look forward to working with and praying for them.