Random Thoughts From A Missionary’s Head – Part 1 of 4

I want to conclude the year with a few arbitrary streams of thought. I have chosen these four issues not because they were great. Quite the opposite. In the grand scheme of things they are four minor events that for some reason made a major impact on me in 2007. Here is #1…
Sanctuary of PraiseBack in January we visited Sanctuary of Praise for the first time. In fact, this was the first church we ever visited seeking support for our missions work. We absolutely fell in love with this congregation from the beginning.
They have only been in existence for four years and only have a congregation of about 30 people, yet, they are putting in a great effort to impact their local community and the world.
Mike at Sanctuary of Praise in JanuaryIn February, Sanctuary of Praise informed us that they would be supporting us through prayer and financially. What an absolute honor. In fact, they were the first church (not our own) to support us. This congregation which has so few resources cares so much about the kingdom that they wanted to help the people of Honduras by supporting us. This small congregation embodies the spirit of the widow and the two copper coins from Mark 12:41-44.
Since then we have visited this church again. In our two visits to this body they have fed us, given us gifts, loved on us and we have received dozens of supportive e-mails from them. They have given so much to us when they could barely support themselves.
No, this is not about money. It is about their impact, their faith, their God-glorifying confidence. Their faith has been an example to strengthen my faith. Their confidence that Christ would provide for them has forced alterations in my walk. These brothers and sisters have been so supportive of us that it has caused an embarrassment in my heart. Why could I have not spent a lifetime giving to others as Sanctuary of Praise has given to us? The only thing I can do is thank God for their Christ-like example and honor them by mimicking their love and charity.

Come back in the next day or two to further explore the bizarre psyche of this missionary.