Random Thoughts From A Missionary’s Head – Part 4 of 4

I want to conclude the year with a few arbitrary streams of thought. I have chosen these four issues not because they were great. Quite the opposite. In the grand scheme of things they are four minor events that for some reason made a major impact on me in 2007. Here is the fourth and final…
In December I visited La Carpio four times.  La Carpio is a neighborhood in San Jose, Costa Rica.  This is where tens of thousands of Nicaraguan refugees have created a squatter village in a municipal dump. This is the poorest of the poor living in homes made of scrap wood or discarded metal.
nose pusher in La CarpioOn my first day there I made eye contact with a young, skinny, little boy, who was maybe six years old.  He didn’t talk and stood over to the side with his “big” sister (maybe 8).  I tried to talk to him. He either didn’t understand or didn’t want to.
On my second visit I saw the same boy and his sister sitting over to the side out of harms way.  I walked over to them and tried to get him to play and talk.  No luck. However, I did get a smile this time.
On my third visit I spied the same two sitting off to the side.  This time I walked over to the boy and pushed his nose like a button. His face lit up with a smile. He stood on his tiptoes and reached as high as he could with his index finger.  I leaned way down to get my face close to him and he pushed my nose like a button.  This caused great laughter to erupt from him. I pushed his nose.  He pushed my nose, and, so on…for a good 10 minutes.  No words were exchanged but we both howled laughing the entire time.
One week later our van pulled into La Carpio for my fourth visit. I saw my little friend and his sister eagerly awaiting our arrival.  I crawled out of the over packed vehicle and made eye contact with him once more. He ran over to me as fast as his little legs would carry him.  He leapt into my arms and immediately pushed my nose like a button.  Laughter ensued and alternating nose pushes commenced.
After four visits I have yet to learn this boy’s name, share Christ with him, or even communicate with a word.  However, we are friends, and, he knows I care for him.  He has reminded me of something important about ministry. God has placed us where He wants us, when He wants us there.  We don’t often know why. But, if we share and love and laugh with everyone we see we will glorify God.  Even by just pushing on a skinny little nose.

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