Back To School

Madison started back to school on Monday and Erin and Mike started back yesterday.
Madison is not in Science Club this semester, but, is taking typing. This is a decision made by the school for all the students. Madison is not overly excited about either being out of Science or in typing, but, we are pleased. Typing is a great skill. On Monday the kids will sign up for after school sports. Madison is currently leaning towards running track.
Erin and Mike started their second semester yesterday. We received new classmates and new teachers. The two of us very excited about the comparable ability levels of our fellow students and the intensity of our teachers.
We spoke a lot of Spanish in class last semester. However, our teachers stressed to us that we will be spending most of our time this semester talking in class. No more theory, now it is time to implement. This is exciting. We will have at least four hours a day of constant talking and listening of Spanish. This is going to be good.