Shout, Shout, Let It All Out

Berry's World cartoonWe have witnessed many times…and likely done it ourselves…where you are trying to communicate with someone who speaks a different language, and after your message is not comprehended you say the exact same thing again, just louder…like that’s going to help.
For some reason we figured that was something only U.S. citizens did to foreigners. Not true. Mike discovered that this appears to be a universal response.
Yesterday, Mike was dropping of some papers for a new Costa Rican friend. He wasn’t there so Mike had to leave the papers with the man’s secretary, who speaks no English. The following conversation took place in Spanish: “These papers are for Pablo.”, Mike said with a smile. “I’ll make sure he gets them.”, said the Secretary. “Thank you. Have a good day.”, responded Mike. “blah blah blah blah date blah blah dinner”, said the lady (or at least, that is what Mike heard).
With an inquisitive look Mike said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t understand you. Can you say that again?” “Yes,” she said, “blah blah Pablo blah date blah house blah dinner.” Now feeling a little silly Mike asked, “I am sorry. Can you say that for me again, a little slower?” The lady then screamed, “BLAH BLAH PABLO BLAH DATE BLAH HOUSE BLAH DINNER!” Trying unsuccessfully not to laugh Mike said, “I can hear you, but, I can’t understand you.” Realizing what she had done the lady joined Mike in laughter.
After a few more smiles and a helpful attitude it turned out that the lady was relaying to Mike that Pablo wanted to invite us over for dinner and that he would be calling soon to set a date.
Ah, the joys of communication.