Bible Studies In Spanish

This week Mike and Erin’s Conversation classes participated in a very difficult and very healthy exercise.  Each student was required to lead the class in a Bible study completely in Spanish.  We sited and read passages and then analyzed what is meant in the passage…all in Spanish.
Erin referenced verses from Acts chapters 2 and 4 and 1st Corinthians chapter 1.  Her primary focus was on the body of Christ being unified during descent within the church.
Mike referenced Titus chapter 1. He talked about the need for biblical discipline within the church.
After our presentation we then fielded questions from our respective teachers and fellow students.  We were primarily evaluated on our Spanish Bible vocabulary and our use of the proper tenses.
This type of exercise is exactly what we need as missionaries to a Spanish speaking country. It challenged us in areas that where we need improvement. This exercise will be repeated numerous times throughout the semester. It is difficult, but, our Spanish ability benefits greatly.