2008 Primary Election

Today we received, what is likely to be, our last California ballot.  Since we do not live in California anymore we will be classified as “national voters” from here on out.  This means we will only be able to vote in Presidential elections.
So we joyfully cast our usual ballots: “Christ first, philosophy second, party third”, “vote your beliefs regardless of their chance winning”, “Bible based, family oriented, Christ honoring”.
Mike HuckabeeThis resulted in two excited votes for Huckabee for President. On California ballots we also have statewide policy initiatives.  As this is our last California ballot we were energized to vote against four initiatives to expand gambling and a mixed bag of other issues (budgeting, community colleges and term limits).
In over 20 years we have never missed a chance to vote and never will. So it is with heavy hearts that we cast our final California ballots. We are now relegated to voting only once every four years.  Voting is a right that both of our fathers risked their lives in war to protect. However, we will eagerly give up this privilege to serve Christ in Central America.