Mike Ministers To The Kids

Mike preaching at kids chapelToday Mike had a day full of opportunities to minister to kids.  Mike spent seven years as a high school youth leader and 15 years teaching Sunday school to kids.  In short, children are a passion for Mike. So, what a great day this was.
Mike was invited to preach at the kids chapel at Madison’s school. After Mike finished his classes he walked over to the chapel and delivered a message to 50 kids from 6th grade through 12th grade. The group was a mix of U.S. and Costa Rican kids.  The message was focused on prayer. The kids were engaged and involved in the message.
Mike hangin' with kids at La CarpioAfter this Mike raced out of chapel and caught a bus out to La Carpio.  This is a place where a group of Language School students go each week to minister to the poorest of the poor.  Mike played the part of a human jungle gym. It seemed that every kid in La Carpio wanted to hold hands, be swung, be carried, leap on Mike’s back, tackle Mike or wrestle.  After Mike received his pummeling the kids were provided a Bible story, craft and snack.
A great day of providing God’s truth and love to kids.