Setting Up For The McCanns

Constructing the crib in Lucy's roomOur Honduras teammates, the McCanns, arrive here in San Jose, Costa Rica this coming Tuesday.  They will be studying Spanish here for a while.
Erin and Mike went over to the McCann’s new apartment this morning and did a little work to get it ready for their arrival.  We set up some minor things – toilet paper, crib, a little food, light bulbs, etc. (shhh…it’s a surprise). The place was recently renovated and is looking great. Their new apartment is only about 50 meters from us.
Our apartments are just around the corner from each otherThe Pettengills don’t leave Costa Rica for Honduras until late June.  This will give our two families 4 ½ months to live, work and study together.  The ability to get to know each other before we hit the stress of missions work in Honduras is a great luxury that most missionaries don’t enjoy.

Please pray for the McCanns as they are packing, saying goodbye, traveling and setting up a new home, all in the next four days.