Our Teammates The McCanns Are Here

Lindsey and Lucy McCannToday we picked up Sean, Lindsey and Lucy McCann from the airport.  The McCanns, our teammates in Honduras, are here in San Jose, Costa Rica to study Spanish.
They and their 11 bags arrived without incident. We were able to get them into their new home and run a few errands with them. We took them to the closest bank for money and the store for a few extra supplies. Erin then took some food over to their house and we all ate tacos together.
We are so excited to have them here…Sean McCannand, it is not only because they carried a suitcase full of goods from the States for us…but, it helps.  It seems like a new chapter in our missions work has begun.  We are now working, learning and serving as a team.

They start Spanish classes on Monday.  So on top of having a baby, leaving their family and learning a new culture they get the stress of language school.  Please pray for peace and comfort for little Lucy and patients and wisdom for Sean and Lindsey.