English As A Second Language – Second Class

Mike at ESL classToday was the second day of our English as a Second Language (ESL) class. Mike and Erin are teaching ESL classes for two and a half months. There were 90 students in attendance at the class today (up from 50 last week). Mike and Erin’s class had 18 students.
Each person told who they were and why they wanted to learn English.  This helped determine each student’s English knowledge. Next, each student was asked to wright down specific topics they wanted covered in class (travel, slang, business, past tense, etc.).  This will be used in future weeks as topics of discussion.  Finally, each person was instructed to tell a one minute Bible story and then Mike provided corrections and instruction after each story.
This was a great two hours of instruction.  The students were very engaged and interested.  They all seemed eager to return next week.