Book Review: True Spirituality

True Spirituality by Francis SchaefferThe late Francis Schaeffer was an Evangelical theologian, philosopher, author, and Presbyterian pastor. He is most famous for his writings and the establishment of his L’Abri community in Switzerland. Schaeffer wrote this book in 1971.
Schaeffer tests the seasoned Christian with divine insight that makes a believer think he has only begun the Christian journey. True Spirituality is a result of Schaeffer’s own spiritual crisis with religion. The reader receives the benefit of reading the results of a true intellectual wrestle with his faith.
Schaeffer does not express spirituality as emotional, free from reason. He describes spirituality in a moment by moment living in the influence of the Holly Spirit according to the nature we have been given that is liberated from the relationship of sin. His systematic approach through this difficult concept is weighty but very revealing.
True Spirituality will truly challenge the faith of many readers and how they live my lives. This is a reading to change our soul and how we live as Christians. It does not contain quick, easy, self-help steps on how to better understand theology. It makes it clear that we are in Christ and what Christ has done for us.

This book forces the reader to the basics, back to their first love. Not basics as in the simplification of the Bible, but, the basics as to where and how we should be focusing our relationship.  Schaffer strips away the bondage of works and restores the freedom to worship and adore God without fear of condemnation.