English As A Second Language – Fourth Class

Today was the fourth day of our English as a Second Language (ESL) class. Mike and Erin are teaching ESL classes for two and a half months. There were 80 students in attendance at the class today. Mike and Erin’s class had 18 students.
Mike taught a one hour section on contractions. This was a very interesting section. There are only two examples of contractions existing in Spanish, but, hundreds in English. In English the use of contractions is very common and a good indicator of an advanced English speaker. Listen to yourself talk. English natives almost always say “I can’t” instead of “I can not” or “he’ll be there” instead of “he will be there”. This was a difficult topic for the students to grasp, but, well worth the effort. In the second hour we worked on common job interview questions and related vocabulary. This was a topic that the students requested in the beginning of the 10 week course.
There is some additional good news to report. Our weekly classes have been held in an overcrowded, noisy, and rented facility. But, starting next week our classes will be moved to a great facility, the AMCA house. AMCA, the organizers of the ESL classes, has been suffering through legal battles with the city and has not been able to use their building. We are happy to relay that they have won their legal matters and have been cleared to move back in.