Creation In La Carpio

After school today Mike went out to La Carpio and spent some time ministering to the kids. La Carpio is a squatter village where the poorest of the poor live at a landfill.
tin roofToday we worked with 40+ kids. We arrived and learned that one of the drug addicted, gang kids had voluntarily entered drug rehabilitation. What a blessing. After that great news we went walking through the community and gathered together dozens of kids. While out on our walk I played a regular game with one of the girls. It is simple, but, fun. I make eye contact with her and immediately she sticks her toes through fence and I grab for them. This always results in buckets of laughter.
blueOnce we gathered all the kids we played games. Mike spent most of his time wrestling with the boys. After that it was Bible study time. We presented the story of creation and God’s detailed role in our lives. Following this it was craft time. We continued the story of creation by giving the kids homemade playdo and told them to “create” something.
Another great afternoon in La Carpio.