Piggy Backs, Jump Rope and La Carpio

A home in La CarpioAfter school today Mike went out to La Carpio and spent some time ministering to the kids. La Carpio is a squatter village where the poorest of the poor live at a landfill.
Today we worked with 50+ kids. Mike, the human jungle gym, spent the first hour giving countless piggy backs.  At one point he even managed to carry four kids at once…un unconfirmed missionary record.  During play time Mike jumped rope with the girls. This is a weekly source of laughter to see this big fat white guy jumping rope with little Latin girls.  During story and craft time we continued on the theme of creation.  After the story each kid drew a picture for each day of creation.
swinging in La CarpioTomorrow our family leaves for a weekend mission trip to the very poor community of San Carlos, Costa Rica.  Today, we were very excited to learn that several of the kids from La Carpio will be joining us as missionaries to San Carlos.  Kids from one poor community in Central America serving the kids of another poor community in Central America. It doesn’t get much better then that. We will report more on this when we return.