San Carlos Mission Trip, Part II

Maddy and Erin working with the kids of San Carlos, Costa RicaMarch 7-9 we went to the poor community of San Carlos, Costa Rica for a mission trip.  This was our second mission trip to San Carlos. Back in November we came to San Carlos and served the first time.
Mike, Erin and Madison organized a youth event for the kids of San Carlos.  We played all kinds of fun games and delivered a study on the topic of prayer.  We then prayed with all the kids in small groups. Over 50 kids attended. After the youth event we took all our leftover food and supplies to the local orphanage.
Team Honduras sponsored three boys from La Carpio (another poor community) to participate in this trip.  We supported, trained and guided them so that they could be missionaries in San Carlos.  What a joy it was to support others to fulfill the Great Commission.
It was such a pleasure to return to San Carlos and be reacquainted with some of the same kids we worked with back in November.