English As A Second Language – Sixth Class

Mike teaching ESL classToday was the sixth day of our English as a Second Language (ESL) class. Mike and Erin are teaching ESL classes for two and a half months. There were 70 students in attendance at the class today.  Mike and Erin’s class had 16 students.
Mike taught a wonderful class this evening. The students began by reading two verses each from the English Bible. Mike defined difficult words and corrected pronunciation. This provided for wonderful theological discussions. The students then took a 20 question “quiz” that provided common Spanish to English translation errors (example: She’s a friend of us.) This raised many additional questions and good discussion. The class was then concluded with a 15 minute discussion of idiomatic phrases (example: I am fed up, or, you will get used to it). The class absolutely loved this topic and pleaded to have a greater discussion during the next class.
Next week is Semana Santa (Holy Week) and Costa Rica shuts down during this time. So, we will not have ESL next week. We look forward to returning in two weeks.