Team Meeting Via Video

Team Hondura video conferenceThis morning Team Honduras used some pretty cool technology to have a team meeting via video conference.  Our teammates the McCanns live half a block from us, so that part was easy.  We brought the pastries and they made the coffee. Our team leader, Mark Thompson, is located just outside of Atlanta, GA.
With the use of Skype we were able to conquer the 1,641 miles with real-time audio and video. We discussed schedules, budgets, possible team members and more. We prayed, laughed and talked about how Lucy has grown.
What a great resource we have at our disposal. Missions has been changed by technolgy. We have recently video conferenced with friends and churches. If you have a computer camera and Skype or Yahoo IM just look us up…it’s free and we would love to see you and talk to you.