Saprissa vs. Atlante

Pettengills watching Saprissa vs. AtlanteThis evening the three of us went to a soccer match with a group of 10 friends. We watched as the local club, Saprissa (of San Jose, Costa Rica) played against Atlante (of Mexico). The winning team would advance to the final four of the CONCACAF Champions Cup. The Champions Cup is the tournament that determines the best soccer club from all the countries from Canada, south to Panama.
Saprissa won by a score of 3-0 and advanced to the next round. In a week and a half they play in the semifinals against the Houston Dynamo of Texas. This was our third game at Saprissa Stadium. The game was great, the tickets were cheap and the fans were knowledgeable. And, as usual, the fans were nuts. We are starting to understand the words of the songs and chanting a little bit more, and, even joined in on a few of the songs. But, only the songs without any bad words.
We are all excited about going to the next game and watching Saprissa play Houston. Hmmm…who will we cheer for?