English As A Second Language – Eighth Class

Erin teaching ESLToday was the eighth day of our English as a Second Language (ESL) class. Mike and Erin have been teaching ESL classes for over two months. There were 60 students in attendance at the class today. Mike and Erin’s class had 10 students.
In the first hour Erin taught an activity on listening skills. She read a paragraph to the group and then asked the students about details from what was read. She concluded the class with a lesson on proper use of conjunctions. Mike started the second hour by having several students work on their reading skills by having them read Bible passages out loud. He then concluded the class with a lesson on English idioms (in the red, kid,  etc.).
Next week is our last class. This has been such a wonderful experience. We conclude our teaching of ESL next week with a special closing class that we are very excited about.