Graduation Day

Yesterday was our last day of class. Erin and Mike completed eight months (600 hours) of in class instruction. Today we walked in the graduation ceremony at our Spanish language school here in Costa Rica.
Mike at graduationTwenty five students received certificates and a wonderful graduation ceremony. There was music, the gospel, pictures, speeches and tears. All the graduates walked in by country. We walked in with our friend Matt Keiser who will also be serving as a missionary in La Ceiba, Honduras.
Our friends Billy & Laurie DrumWe also had some difficult “goodbyes” to get through. The hardest was our friends Billy and Laurie Drum. They have been in all of Mike’s classes from the beginning. We have laughed, cried, studied, screamed and served together for eight months. They are leaving to serve as missionaries in Peru.
This is a big chapter change for us. We stop our formal classroom instruction and now begin private tutoring. We don’t leave for Honduras until June 25th, so there is still much Spanish acquisition to come.