Honduras Fact Finding Trip Day 2 of 4

Man fishing in the bay of La CeibaMike and our teammate Sean McCann are in La Ceiba, Honduras for four days.  They are joined by our boss, Mark, and Bill Noonan, ex-missionary to La Ceiba.  The purpose of this trip is to gather information and set up some important details for when we move to Honduras on June 25th.

Much was seen and accomplished today.  We priced groceries at the insistence of our spouses.  A hotel was visited so as to gather information for hosting visiting teams.  A visit was made to a senior center and an orphanage to determine possible cooperative agreements.  More neighborhoods were toured in order to find housing.  We familiarized ourselves with the local college where we are discussing teaching ESL classes.  And, a meeting was had with a lady regarding temporary housing, for when we initially move to La Ceiba.

Tomorrow (Monday) is an important day.  Please pray that Sean and Mike are able to accomplish all they need to on this trip and that they are safe and observant.