Honduras Fact Finding Trip Day 3 of 4

Mike and our teammate Sean McCann are in La Ceiba, Honduras for four days.  They are joined by our boss, Mark, and Bill Noonan, ex-missionary to La Ceiba.  The purpose of this trip is to gather information and set up some important details for when we move to Honduras on June 25th.

The logo at Maddy's new schoolToday was a great day.  Madison was successfully registered for school.  A tour was taken at the public hospital to organize a visit by a U.S. medical team that we are organizing.  An attorney met with us regarding immigration issues and the initial residency paperwork was filed.  We toured several possible rental homes, unfortunately, none of them were satisfactory.  The evening was concluded with a meal with other missionaries.

Please pray that Sean and Mike are able to accomplish all they need to on the final day of our trip.