Pettengill Family Visit To Costa Rica – Part 2

Mike’s family is visiting us here in Costar Rica for 12 days. Margaret (mom), Jerry (dad), Jeri (sister) and Mike (brother-in-law) arrived Tuesday, April 29th and leave Saturday, May 10th.

Yesterday we left Volcano Arenal.  We are now staying a few days in the city of Panama (not the country Panama).  This is a quiet little town on the north coast of Costa Rica.  It is beautiful and hot.  We are on the beach with howler monkeys and iguanas all around.  We are planning a few side trips, then back to San Jose on Thursday.

We are spending some wonderful time with Mike’s parents (both in their 80s) and sister and brother-in-law.  We haven’t seen Mike’s sister since August of last year.  We will keep you informed.