Pettengill Family Visit To Costa Rica – Part 4 (Final)

Maddy and Mike's parentsMike’s family is visiting us here in Costar Rica for 12 days. Margaret (mom), Jerry (dad), Jeri (sister) and Mike (brother-in-law) arrived Tuesday, April 29th and leave Saturday, May 10th.

Today is the last full day of this vacation.  Tomorrow we drive back up to San Jose and Saturday our family flies home to California.  This has been a wonderful time with Mike’s family.  However, we are eager to return to our calling.

We miss our family and friends greatly.  But, this has been an affirmation for us.  The three of us are more clear that our Lord is calling us away from our family and home to serve others.  We look forward to future opportunities to spend time with those me love, but, we are excited to serve in Honduras.

Saturday will be a sad goodbye.