The Presbyterian Church In Honduras

Today we are mailing off the Spanish language BCO (by-laws) for the “Presbyterian Church in Honduras” (PCH) to our attorney in Honduras.  Our attorney is filling paperwork with the Honduran government to create a government recognized church.  This is a very small step towards our goal of planting a church.  None the less, it is our first official step towards what God has called us to do.  We have no congregants, no preacher, no building, no chairs.  But, the Honduran government requires us to take this step.  We still must produce additional paperwork to our attorney before we can actually file with the government.  So, here we go.

The best part about all this is our attorney.  When I asked him three weeks ago how much it would cost to file our organizational documents for our church and residency paperwork for the three of us, his response was, “Pray for me each day and pay my actual costs, and I will charge you nothing.”  To put this in perspective, we have priced legal expenses for residency and church organizational fillings.  Each of the four documents usually costs $3,000 – $5,000.  So, our attorney is going to charge us about $2500 for $12,000 to $20,000 worth of work.  Praise God!

So, now it is your turn.  Please pray for two things: 1) Pray that our attorneys (Patrick and Kiomi) are blessed for their dedication to our Lord’s work, and, 2) Pray that the Honduras government approves the forming of the “Presbyterian Church in Honduras” without any difficulty.