Church On A Mission

We have been asked what church is like for us in Costa Rica.  Well…it is a touch complicated, but, let’s go for it.
For almost nine months we have been attending Iglesea Christiana Berrea. This is a Spanish speaking Costa Rican church. The service is 2 ½ hours.  We start with an hour of contemporary Spanish songs, have prayer and announcements in the middle and conclude with an hour long message.  Every word is in Spanish. While this is becoming less of a problem, in the beginning it was very difficult.  The pastor is currently preaching a series on forgiveness. We enjoy this church and will miss it when we leave.
In the afternoon we get together with our teammates the McCanns for “gringo church” in our apartment or theirs.  We sing a few songs, pray for our families and Team Honduras, and then we have a Bible lesson.  Currently, Sean and Mike are taking turns leading our families through the book of Esther.  After gringo church we socialize and eat dinner together.
Both of our weekly church services are important to us.  We need to fellowship and learn the Latin culture, but, we also need study time we can COMPLETELY understand.  We will continue this weekly routine when we move to Honduras and when our team grows in size.  Both Spanish church and gringo church are important parts of our weekly walk.