Fifty Days Of Prayer – 2008

50 Days of Prayer devotional and prayer guideThe Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) puts on the “Fifty Days of Prayer for the PCA”.  In 2008 the 50 days of prayer goes from May 1 to June 19.  In support of this effort Michael Ross produces a devotional and prayer guide to focus the hearts and prayers of those involved.  This year’s devotional is called “Men, Message and Ministry: A Charge to the Rising Generation” and can be downloaded for free from here.

This year the devotional reflects on the Pastoral Epistles, with weekly introductions by some of the PCA’s founding fathers.  Each day of the devotional includes prayer requests from the six PCA agencies, so that we can join in prayer for the entire PCA.  The prayer topics include praying for the seminary students, missionaries, domestic church planting efforts, doctrinal issues, spiritual training and more.

Each year our family prays through this devotional and joins with thousands of others worldwide in making this a priority for 50 days.  With the help of our home church (read: Mindy Hertzell) not only were we able to get a copy for ourselves, we were even able to provide copies of the devotional to the five other MTW missionaries that are here in Costa Rica studying Spanish with us.

Continuing certain family traditions keeps us plugged into home.