Honduras Had A Bad Week

The remnants of Tropical Storm Alma swept across Honduras on Friday, dumping rain and leaving roofless homes and flooded streets in its wake.  Alma knocked out electricity and telephone services and blew down trees. The storm forced the evacuation of as many as 25,000 people in the region.  This was a very aggressive start to the hurricane season that begins today.

Also on Friday, a TACA jetliner overshot a runway, raced onto a busy street and slammed into an embankment in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa.  The crash killed seven and wounded 65.  The airport has been shut down pending an investigation.

It was reported that food prices in Central America rose by 128 per cent in the past year.  This has a devastating impact on the extremely poor.  Nearly 10% of Hondurans live on less then $2 a day.

In the grand scheme of things this doesn’t seem like a whole bunch.  But, in a country where the unemployment rate is approaching 30% and the average person makes just over a $1,000 a year, it doesn’t take much to be pushed over the edge.

Please pray for the people of Honduras.