At The Top Of Our Lungs

sssshhhhhhhOne thing that you can say about Costa Rica is the neighborhoods are loud.  It seems to be a cultural thing that noise is not a problem.  Everyone makes lots of noise and nobody complains.
Weed eaters are fired up at 6:30am.  Cars picking up people for school or work honk their horns at 6:45am.  The Coconut Man tosses his empty husk in the metal container at 6:50am. The trash truck roles down the street at 7:00am
Then you have dogs barking all day and night. Fireworks going off at all hours.  Church bells. Security guard whistles. Horns on delivery motorcycles. Car alarms. Crazy loud birds. And, nobody cares but gringos.
In the U.S. all my neighbors would have received citations from the homeowners association by now.  When I talk to my Costa Rican neighbors they just say, “Oh, I don’t even notice it.”
To continue the ongoing battle cry of the missionary: It’s not bad, just different.