Heart On The Road

Site of a traffic deathIf you drive anywhere in Costa Rica you will notice big yellow hearts painted on the roads.  They are far and wide. They are in the city, in the country, small roads, freeways…everywhere.  Sometimes they are stacked up, two three right next to each other.
Each heart is placed by the government at the site of an auto death. After a fatal auto accident the government later comes along and paints these yellow hearts as a sort of memorial, but, also to remind drivers to take care.
Costa Rica is reported to have the worst rate of traffic accidents in all of Central America.  After living here for nearly 10 months this is not difficult to imagine.  Traffic lights, signs, lanes, speed limits are all generally ignored. Drivers blow through four way stops, blowing their horns to worn others they are coming.  Pedestrians have no right of way. Cars frequently swerve all over the road to avoid potholes. Frequent rain adds to the problems. Three or four cars often occupy roads with two lanes.
We have witnessed countless accidents, but, greatfuly never been involved in one.