A Walk In The Park And More Goodbyes

Maddy fires at a cupThis weekend Madison and Mike took an afternoon to go play in the local park. Madison had recently purchased a homemade slingshot and wanted to try it out. She had never before shot a slingshot. They shot a whole bag of rocks at paper cups.
pick up soccerThey then walked over to the cement soccer court and watched a few games of “pick up” soccer. This would be similar to an inner-city basketball court on a Saturday in the U.S.  There were dozens of people playing and watching six a side soccer. They demonstrated some great skill.
Our family also continued the “Pettengill farewell tour”. We shared goodbye meals with some great missionaries we have met here in Costa Rica. We ate meals with the McClain family, missionaries to Costa Rica, Rhonda Wilkinson, missionary to Central America and the Cooks, missionaries to Argentina. A truly great bunch of people.