Our Costa Rica Language Learning Ends

Yesterday Mike had his last private tutoring session.  He spent two hours reviewing irregular verbs with Alejandra.  That officially brings our Costa Rican Spanish study to a close.  On June 25th we leave Costa Rica and fly to Honduras.  Our Costa Rican studies are complete.

We have spent 10 months here in Costa Rica dedicating ourselves to learning Spanish.  We are excited by the results.  Fluent?  No.  Conversant?  Yes.  Room to grow?  You bet.  Worth the time and effort?  Without a doubt.

When we look back at our first papers and exams from September we can truly see growth in our language ability.  We have come so far.  There is still much more to learn, but, we have developed a base that will serve us well in our ministry.

While our time in Costa Rica is coming to a close our Spanish learning is not over.  Once we get established in Honduras it is our intention to continue studying with a tutor a couple hours a week in order to continue our improvement.  We were once told that we will have 10 months to learn Spanish and a lifetime to perfect it.  Amen.