The Problem Of Packing

packing the bagsWe’ve gone through this before.  Ten months ago we were debating as to what needed to be packed, purged or provided for others.  When we left California we figured we had narrowed our stuff down to everything we absolutely needed.  Ten months later we are looking at several large piles of things we haven’t touched or thought about since August.  So, do we REALLY need that stuff.

On top of this our airline, TACA, has double their charge on extra bags.  Each bag over your allotted two is now $200.  Now added to the question, “Do we REALLY need that?”, is, “Is THAT really worth $200?”

We are donating food to friends, books and toys to Madison’s school and various things to other ministries.  Some clothes we thought we needed have sat in our closet unused.  In addition we are moving to a city where it is 85 – 105 degrees all year, do each of us really need three jackets?

This is the weekend.  Pack, purge or provide for others.  We fly out on Wednesday, June 25th.  It is time to make those decisions.