First Day In La Ceiba Honduras

We woke up at 3:00am.  The first surprise of the day occurred when we heard our friend Cam Clausing at the gate at 3:30am.  He came by just to say “bye”.  What a nice guy.  Our friend Matt McClain picked us up at 4:00am to drive us to the airport.  We checked our 18 bags with no problem.  In fact, we should have been charged $1500 for our extra bags and the lady cut the price down to $800…right on.  She did remind us that we would likely not be receiving all our bags today.  We are sitting in the airport in San Jose, Costa Rica waiting for our boarding call.  Our first flight today takes of for El Salvador at 6:33am

First flight was fine.  Into El Salvador on time.  Should start boarding our second flight in about 20 minutes.  We next fly into San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  Erin had some pretty good sinus pain while descending.  Likely leftover problems from her three month battle with allergies.  She will try some sinus medicine to clear it up.  San Salvador is the TACA hub.  We have been in this airport a dozen times.  Our next two flights are short and our next layover is quick.

We are here. Our flight to San Pedro Sula took off late.  Then our flight to La Ceiba took off late.  We sat on the runway in San Pedro Sula in the crazy heat with to air for about 30 minutes.  When we got to La Ceiba we learned that 17 of our 18 bags did NOT make it.  But, good news, the guitar made it. We will check at the airport this evening and tomorrow for our lost bags.  We rented a vehicle and checked into our boarding house.  A very nice lady owns it. But, we do NOT have internet.  So, until we rent our own house and get internet blog entries will be intermitent.  We have to go to internet cafes to post. We are now going out to look for cell phones and register for a P.O. Box.  Tomorrow we start the house search. We are well and happy to be here.  Thank you for all your prayers.  That´s it for today.