Recovery Of All Our Bags

the remainder of our bagsAs of noon today we are in possession of all our luggage.  As most of you know we flew into La Ceiba on Wednesday and received 1 of our 18 suitcases. We have been wearing the same clothes for 2 ½ days.

Multiple attempts to get out to the airport and retrieve our luggage on Thursday were foiled by a labor protest. There is one road that travels the seven miles from downtown La Ceiba out to the airport. On that road 50 buses “broke down” in front of the Pepsi plant to protest labor issues. This resulted in zero traffic to or from the airport.

50 buses "broke down" in protestToday the protests subsided and we were able to get out to the airport and recover ALL of our bags. With a little incentive (tip) a baggage handler was able to expedite them through customs. The result is a much nicer smelling Pettengill family.

And so, the adventure begins.