Two Worlds Living Together

La Ceiba, Honduras is the tale of two worlds attempting to live simultaneously together.  In Honduras 28% of all people are unemployed.  And, the average Honduran makes $3000 a year.  But, some businesses are flourishing.

two worlds existing togetherOn the same street you see $50,000 cars and horse drawn carriages.  You see a shopping mall two blocks from a shanty community.  You see drugs and gangs next to business and commerce.  Ten thousand square foot mansions are one block from hovels.  The western economy is clearly influencing La Ceiba, but, it does not reach everyone.  People are begging for food just down the road from a KFC and a Pizza Hut.

Clearly a boiling point must be hit.  Some people turn to crime in order to survive.  Petty theft and drug running are on the rise.  This is clearly a city at a crossroads.