Good To The Last Drop

This really cool couple, Billy and Michelle Chrzan, contacted us not too long ago.  They run a ministry called Crimson Life Coffee.  Over the years the Charzans have created Crimson Life to benefit the people of Honduras and to benefit world missions.  They purchase coffee from Hondurans to benefit the Honduran economy and sell the coffee to support missionaries to benefit the Kingdom.

And, now they want to help the Pettengills.  Crimson Life Coffee has created a special line of Pettengill Coffee.  This is coffee grown in and imported from Honduras and is shade grown at altitude.  Anyone can purchase a pound of Pettengill Coffee for $10 and 50% of all proceeds go to support our missions work in Honduras.

The purchase creates jobs in Honduras, makes your taste buds happy and advances our missions work in Honduras.  You can order it on-line and have it delivered to your home. Mmm…mmmm….good.