Anne Visits From Arizona

Yesterday we picked up Anne Boyd from the airport.  Anne is going to stay with us for 10 days.  She was sent to La Ceiba by her church, Covenant Community Church of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Anne Boyd from Scottsdale, AZCovenant Community Church has been a huge supporter of this ministry in so many ways.  The least of which was sending Anne.  Anne is currently a Spanish teacher who used to work as a nurse.  Her medical and language knowledge are amazingly useful for the work we are doing here.

Anne is a great help and has already shown an incredible willingness help us.  Her and Erin are working together to prepare our house for a visiting medical team that arrives in nine days.  In addition, Anne will help promote a free medical clinic we are organizing for the poor community of Armenia Bonito.  She has already been a huge benefit the work we are doing and she has only been here a day.