Book Review: Young, Restless, Reformed

Young, Restless, Reformed by Collin HansenThis book was written by Collin Hansen in 2008.  It is subtitled, “A Journalist’s Journey With The New Calvinists”.  Hansen, who is a writer for Christianity Today, went on a nationwide research tour to uncover the growing Reformed movement among young people.

While others reported on the expansion and growth of the emerging church and theological liberalism, Hansen experienced something much different.  In the last 10 years he has seen an expansion of individuals in their late teens, 20s and early 30s turning towards Calvinism, TULIP, Reformed theology and strict adherence to the Bible.

In researching this book Hansen attended every major Reformed conference, church and meeting he could find.  He interviewed almost all the key authors, Pastors and speakers in the reformed movement.  Hansen discovered that young people were turning in droves toward the Conservative and Reformed movement.

He has discovered a mass disappointment in church light and seeker sensitive theology.  The emerging church is drawing people into church by the millions, but, once discovering church many are leaving to find a more meaty and substantive theology.  Reformed theology is where they are finding it.

Hansen reports on a wave of youth that are seeking and in many cases creating substantive dialogue about strict biblical interpretation.  While Luther, Calvin and Spurgeon are flourishing they are being found in rap music, blogs and t-shirts.  The old is new again and the young are flocking to embrace a message that has its roots with the Augustine, Calvin and Luther.