Short Term Missionaries Working Hard In Honduras

Dr. Debbie Walks working with a little oneOur first visiting short term missionaries are here.  They are visiting from Grace Community Church in Mobile, Alabama.  It is a very exciting group of three doctors, one nurse and three other very energetic folks.

One of the doctors and the nurse went to work at the poor community hospital just after 6am today.  They participated in several orthopedic surgeries and demonstraighted the use of some new equipment to Honduran medical personnel.

The two other doctors, a pediatrician and a family doctor, saw patients at the same hospital.  Between the two of them they treated nearly 30 patients in less then ideal conditions.

Members of the group also walked through the neighborhood of Armenia Bonito handing out flyers to promote our free medical clinic on Thursday and Friday.  They also shared Christ with several individuals.

Other great work was done to advance our ministry here in La Ceiba.  What an absolute blessing to have them here.