House Call

Our first visiting short term mission team continued to work hard yesterday.  This group from Grace Community Church in Mobile, AL continued to work to advance our ministry here in La Ceiba.

The four medical personnel continued to serve in the poor public hospital.  In addition there was evangelism in the neighborhood of Armenia Bonito.  Members of the group also worked to prepare our home for future ministry work by constructing bunk beds and cleaning.

Dr. Debbie seeing a little girl on our couchDuring the day we received word from two other missionaries that they had sick kids.  After our day of work we invited them to our home to be seen by our doctors.  Our living room turned into a waiting our and our bed turned into an exam table.  The first child was a Honduran girl whose parents are working with another missionary.  The girl had a hernia that would need to receive an operation in the hospital.  The second child was a missionary’s daughter who had severe mouth sours.  In each case our pediatrician and Erin were able to look at the kids, diagnose them and provide support that would benefit each kid.

By serving those kids we were able to advance God’s plan in Honduras and benefit other missionaries.