Book Review: Spurgeon A New Biography

Spurgeon: A New Biography by Arnold A. DallimoreThere are hundreds of biographies on Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Following Spurgeon’s death in 1892, for nearly three years new biographies appeared at the rate of about one a month. Arnold A. Dallimore wrote this one in 1984.  There are more thorough biographies of Spurgeon that are two or four or eight volumes in length.  This 250 page volume serves as a nice introductory.

C.H. Spurgeon was born in England in 1834.  He was a preacher within the British Reformed Baptist denomination.  One hundred and ten years after his death he remains highly influential among Christians of different denominations.  He is known most commonly as the Prince of Preachers.

With little formal education he began preaching at the age of 17.  At the age of 19, just four years after his conversion, he took over the pulpit at New Park Street Chapel.  He would serve there until he died 38 years later.

Spurgeon frequently preached to audiences of more than 10,000 souls. At twenty-two years of age Spurgeon was the most popular preacher of his day.  At the peak of his service he oversaw 66 different ministries in England.

While he suffered from rheumatism, gout, and Bright’s disease he went on to preach well over 2000 sermons.  He was known for a large booming voice and witty oratory style.  But, his unwavering and sound theology is what drew hundreds of thousands to hear him preach and millions to read his many books.  He was a tireless servant and an unparalleled theologian.