Preparing For A Pregnancy Clinic

pregnancy clinic flyerThe three of us spent several days this past week preparing for a pregnancy clinic we are going to put on in the neighborhood of Armenia Bonito.  The clinic, which will be held this coming Thursday (8/14), will provide check ups, health screening and education for the pregnant ladies of this poor community.

We posted and passed out fliers and received lots of good feedback from the community.  We had a meeting with the neighborhood President who was ecstatic about this clinic and the other classes we have planned.  This man is a great supporter of our efforts.

mountain fo vitaminsOne of the things we had really wanted to do was distribute prenatal vitamins for free.  Unfortunately the cost for a 30 day supply was too expensive for us to purchase.  But, by God’s good graces, we stumbled across a pharmacy that had a 2 for 1 sale on theses vitamins.  In addition we received an additional 25% off because the pharmacist liked the idea that we were helping the poor.  Because of these discounts we were able to buy enough prenatal vitamins to provide them free to every lady that shows up.

This clinic will provide ample opportunity care for the physical needs of these women as well as allow us to evangelize and share the love of Christ.