Book Review: Esther And Ruth

Esther & Ruth by Iain M. DuguidThis book was published by Iain M. Duguid in 2005.  It is a commentary on the two books of the Bible.

The author did a wonderful job ferreting out some of the lesser known themes of these two books.  He confidently proclaims aspects of the text that are often overlooked.  He was not only able to find them, but, dissect and explain them.

Some readers may enjoy the frequent uses of popular culture the author implements to make points or comparisons.  I often found it a little distracting, however, it did not detract from the overall readability of the book.

Duguid reviews both book separately and analyzes them chapter by chapter.  He masterfully conveys the larger themes and the nuances.  He revealed several concepts that this reader had never heard before.  The writing style of Duguid makes this book useful as a study tool.  He follows a chronological order and provides many points of discussion.

Duguid scrutinizes both books with an eye focused on reformed theology.  He does a wonderful job of drawing on the reformed themes that are throughout the Bible.  Sovereignty and grace are abundant in these two books.

This commentary is thorough and relevant for all subsections of the church.  Duguid has provided a toll worthy of group study and individual review.  Ruth and Esther are often mainstays in women’ studies, and for good reason.  The author reminds us that these two books are good for the instruction of both genders and all ages.