It’s The Little Things In Life

For the last two years we have lead an abnormally charmed, protected and easy life.  Things have just gone our way.  It was clear that we were being watched over and protected.  From finances to health to safety…God had us in a protective bubble.

In the two months since we have arrived here in La Ceiba, Honduras much of that has changed.  It is as if we cannot catch a break.  The little things keep going wrong one by one.  We are still healthy, happy and feel fortunate.  Our ministry work is going great, but, we have been slowed by countless little annoyances that eat up our energy, finances and time.

In case you think we are exaggerating, we are going to provide a partial list of the things that have dogged us in the last two months.  We provide you with this list not for pity or to be dramatic, but, for you to see with your own eyes that there is something clearly going on here…nobody can be this unlucky…right?

Suitcases lost for two days, two computers broke, printer broke, move in to house delayed, toilet broke, cell phone lost, kitchen sink broke, water pump broke, washing machine floods, sink clogged, refrigerator stopped working, water shut off for a day, Madison’s school lost registration, ministry shipment held at dock, Madison’s school uniforms tailored wrong four times, water main broke, and dozens of other little things.

Our Lord is still protecting us, but, Satan is having his influence.  Each time something goes wrong it adds frustration, takes time away from ministry work and eats up money.  We know why it is occurring and that the timing is no coincidence.  It is a testament to the power of God that even through all this much has been accomplished.